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Skin Therapy Sessions

Osmosis Infusion
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Your true radiance revealed through skin nutrition.
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Are you tired of harsh procedures, skincare fads, and products that don't work? Dive into the world of functional skincare.


I invite you to come to the spa for a skin-mapping analysis, followed by professional advice on a customized plan to enhance and maintain your skin health. If you suffer from problematic skin, have skin concerns, are new to skincare, or not yet ready for treatments, this service is for you.



30 min | $29

🤍 redeemable on select Osmosis MD products the day of consultation


Osmosis MD

*Currently portions of this facial are being featured in the BERRY & BRIGHT offering.


This facial is designed to create optimal skin health every time you visit. Ideal for sensitive, pigmented, uneven in texture, aging, or blemish-prone skin. Additionally, if you are unsure which treatment to choose, this facial is perfect for you. You will experience skincare that is tailored to your needs and combines ancient time-tested procedures with advanced ingredients essential to activate repair. In order to develop a genuinely personalized treatment, a four-point innovative mapping analysis is used to gain a deeper understanding of your skin. Targeted massage encourages moisture delivery beneath the skin's surface to restore skin function and radiance.


  • Nourishes & balances skin

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Accelerates repair

  • Stimulates circulation

  • Increases skin suppleness

  • Brightens tone

  • Relieves tension & stress

  • Boosts immunity


by Osmosis MD
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*Currently facial is featured as a luxury winter version in the COMFORT & JOY offering or as an add-on treatment to POLAR EXPRESS or BERRY & BRIGHT


This advanced treatment delivers an instant glow followed by long-term results for optimal skin restoration and renewal. Using nanotechnology to create micro-channels in the skin, the liposomal delivery system drives active ingredients deep into your skin resulting in a high level of cellular activity that generates a 30-day collagen production increase. This painless, non-invasive alternative to micro-needling is customized by combining a concentrated vitamin infusion with powdered actives that target your individual skin concerns. You'll experience immediate improvement in the overall appearance and health of your skin with ZERO downtime.  




by Wilder North

*Currently portions of this facial are being featured in the WINTER WARMING offering.

A truly divine experience that will melt away stress and leave your skin feeling vibrant and full of life. Each treatment includes a variety of herbs, oils, clays, honeys, and hydrosols from the Wilder North Apothecary collection that are carefully chosen for your unique skin. No two sessions are ever the same! This intuitive and nurturing treatment is much more than a facial; it has a significant influence on the nervous system making it the perfect combination for individuals who need to relax, reset, and reconnect.


Herbalist-created formulas and manual techniques such as cupping, gua sha, kansa massage, acupressure, hot stones, and/or honey tapping are chosen based on your skin's needs.


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*Currently portions of this facial are being featured in the WINTER WARMING offering.


A variety of gemstone tools are used in this session to encourage lymphatic drainage which reduces puffy, lackluster skin while strengthening connective tissues. The gentle motion boosts circulation and shapes the skin for a naturally lifted appearance. This relaxing massage technique relieves muscular tension, is incredibly soothing, and activates the parasympathetic nervous system by delivering nutrients to the face and scalp. An exfoliating cleanse, botanical mask, and cocktail of serums are also included to give the skin a nourished, healthy glow.




*Currently portions of this facial are being featured in the MARSHMALLOW MELT offering.


De-stress your muscles while nourishing your back! This revitalizing back treatment uses the power of PREBIOTICS to purify, restore, and rebalance the skin. It begins with a deep cleanse under steam using soft silicone brushes that gently spin and vibrate to stimulate circulation. This is followed by an exfoliating enzyme mask that detoxifies, polishes, and softens the skin. Next, a warm towel compress infused with coconut milk and chicory root will soothe your aching muscles. Followed by a relaxing back, neck, and shoulder massage that melts away stress and tension {hot stones included}. All on a warmed treatment bed. You'll leave feeling feel cleansed, polished, hydrated, rested, and refreshed!

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