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Osmosis MD +Beauty

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'Permanent changes are possible, your skin just needs to be inspired'  Dr. Ben Johnson

Skin Health


The Osmosis family of holistic products includes natural, high-performance skincare, internal wellness supplements, and a complete line of mineral makeup for the face, lips, and eyes.

Through the unique philosophy of treating the skin and body as a whole, Osmosis achieves remarkable success by restoring balance inside and out.


When it comes to uncompromised beauty, no other brand does it better than Osmosis and their cutting-edge approach to beauty.


Clean, Non-Toxic Ingredients

Osmosis believes that results should be achieved without compromising what you're putting on your skin. Their products feature non-toxic ingredients that are free of sodium lauryl sulfate, phthalates, and parabens. You won't find artificial colors or fragrances; just patented, exclusive ingredients that deliver real results.

Pharmaceutical Grade Delivery Systems

Osmosis has a remarkable collection of patented and exclusive ingredients that cannot be found elsewhere. This is what separates our results from other brands. These patented and exclusive ingredient systems include our liposomal delivery system, zinc finger technology, and growth factors.


Dr.Ben Johnson


Ben Johnson, MD is a physician, inventor, and entrepreneur who has spent the last 25 years dedicated to solving some of the world’s most challenging skin and health conditions. He holds multiple patents related to skincare and wellness as a result of his unparalleled research and philosophies pertaining to the skin-body connection.  

Dr. Johnson founded Osmosis Beauty with a revolutionary approach that is changing the direction of skin care away from excessive exfoliation and renewing the focus of dermal remodeling, barrier and DNA repair, and detoxification. 

"By relentlessly asking 'why' and following the skin and research, I have discovered that our skin is capable of a near full recovery with a precisely targeted approach."

Ben Johnson, MD, CEO

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